Friday, November 9, 2012

Salt Lake County Fair - Aug 2012

Well done Taylor! I am always in awe at the beautiful artwork that you create!

Candlesticks with Papa Dick - Aug 2012

This grand gremlin's decided that this was the summer to make candlesticks with Papa Dick. So when the Lester girls were here, they all made them and then we took a turn afterwards. What fun the kids had designing and using the lathe with Papa!

Park City Victory! - Aug 2012

So fun to play up in Park City....yes the drive gets a little much after 3-4 days, but it is just gorgeous!

50 Wonderful Years! - July 2012

My parents are celebrating 50 years together and we thought it would be fun to have a party! Cheryl and her family came and we hosted 40-50 of my parents closest and best friends. What a great example they are to me and my family. I love you mom and's to 50 more!

Cousin's Fun! - June 2012

In spite of the fire, we had a great time with our Lester cousin's for 6 weeks this summer. Enjoyed riding, laughing, movies, Seven Peaks and a lot of late nights!

Herriman Fire - June 2012

So this is the view of my parents house when they were driving away. Thinking that it would NOT be there when they returned. A very scary time. So glad that my sister Cheryl and her family were here to help!

Farr West Regional Tournament 2012

What a great vacation - altogether going to Phoenix for Evan's soccer tournament. We did not completely melt in the heat, but it was a record breaking 113 degrees for most of the week. We held our own, but did not get passed the semi-finals. As you can see from the pictures....its takes a village to survive these tournaments - especially in the heat! We have set our sights for a return next year.....this time in Hawaii! (PS - we won the 2013 State Cup Tournament and are bound for the Farr West Tournament in Honolulu Hawaii in June!)